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Property Division Attorneys - Joliet, Illinois

Will County Asset & Property Division Lawyers

Serving Will County & Grundy County 


If you are considering a divorce, one of the most significant questions you may be asking yourself is, “what is going to happen to our property when we split up?” We can help you answer that question, as well as any other questions you may have regarding property division, debt division and other property considerations impacting your divorce.


An experienced Illinois marital property and debt division attorney will assist individuals who are going through, or are about to go through a divorce or separation. Attorney Melton will help you reach an agreeable solutions through skillful mediation, negotiation, or litigation when necessary.


Competent Advice From a Illinois Property Division Attorney


Utilizing our comprehensive knowledge of Illinois property division law, we are comfortable and competent working with simple or complex property division situations. From the average to multimillion dollar situations, we have handled them all. Sometimes it becomes necessary to identify non-marital property.


Examples of marital property could include: 


  • Automobiles & Vehicles

  • Checking accounts

  • Family businesses

  • Family valuables – paintings, heirlooms, antiques and other valuable collections

  • Real estate – homes, vacation homes

  • Retirement benefits – accounts, pension plans, 401(k)s, IRAs

  • Stocks


While Illinois law states that marital property should be divided in just proportions and equitable, it doesn’t always mean equal proportions. We will help you identify your marital versus non-marital property and its value. We will consult with with appropriate experts, including appraisers, actuaries, and accountants when necessary.


There are no secrets to success. It is a combination of hard work, thoroughness, preparation, passion and compassion. 


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