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Divorce & Family Law Lawyers - Joliet, IL
Family Law Attorneys Serving Will County, Illinois

The lawyers at Flynn Parker-Ross & Associates LLC help people and families with family law, divorce and DCFS legal issues. Our attorneys pride ourselves on individual client focus, and adapting the litigation style and strategies to each person's needs. We will work hard to find the best resolution possible whether your legal situation requires a lengthy trial, settlement, or a simple phone call or letter. We understand that each and every case is different, and every legal situation is unique. Our attorneys bring sensitivity, open and honest communication, thoroughness, preparation, passion and compassion to our law practice and to our clients.


The Flynn Parker-Ross & Associates LLC attorneys are very comfortable in the courtroom, and we are very familiar with the local judges and prosecutors. In addition to having more than 50 years of legal experience, our attorneys are highly skilled in legal research, thereby ensuring that we advise you on all of your options which are based on current law, not on law which has changed. Our lawyers have a true passion for the law and for doing what is best for our clients. The attorneys at Flynn Parker-Ross & Associates LLC will be prepared for court, and know the local judges and their expectations, and will use effective legal strategies in presenting our clients’ cases.


Each and every case, and every legal situation is different. Whether you are looking for an attorney to provide you with legal advice, or you are looking for one on behalf of a friend or family member, your circumstances are unique. It is important that you have a zealous, compassionate and hardworking attorney fighting for you. You need an attorney that will listen to you to truly understand your needs and help you develop a strategy best suited to your particular case and legal situation. Our attorneys pride ourselves on individual client focus, and adapting her litigation style and strategies to each person's needs. Whether your legal situation requires a lengthy trial, settlement, or simply a phone call or letter we will work hard to find the best resolution possible.


Open communication, honesty and accessibility - we return phone calls as soon as possible, within a reasonable amount of time. We will keep you fully informed about your case and we will always be upfront and honest with you so that you can confidently make informed decisions. We will zealously represent you but not mislead you. Our attorneys do not and will not make you false promises so that you do not expect unrealistic results. We only file motions or make arguments for which our attorneys believe have merit and therefore, we avoid wasting time and wasting your money.


Family Law

We advise and represent clients in a full range of family law matters, including:

  • Alimony

  • Allocation of Parental Responsibility

  • Child Custody, Parenting Time & Visitation

  • Child Relocation / Removal

  • Child Support

  • Custody & Visitation

  • DCFS - Investigations & Appeals

  • Division of Marital Property

  • Divorce - Contested & Uncontested

  • Domestic Violence & Orders of Protection

  • Enforcements, Modifications & Terminations

  • Family Law

  • Guardian Ad Litem

  • Guardianships

  • High Net Worth Divorce

  • Mediation

  • Orders of Protection

  • Paternity / Parentage

  • Post-Decree Actions

  • Pre & Post Nuptial Agreements

  • Property Division

  • Spousal Maintenance / Spousal Support

  • Uncontested Divorce

There are no secrets to success. It is a combination of hard work, thoroughness, preparation, passion and compassion. We love the law, and we love to help people!


Do you have a legal question, concern or would you like to make an appointment?  We would love to hear from you!


Please call us - (815) 280-5007 or email us today!


We are conveniently located across the street from the Joliet / Will County Courthouse!

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